2 juillet - 31 août 2004 :
Mimmo Rotella, who has not exhibited in a private gallery in Nice for 30 years, presents " Mimmo Rotella fait son cinéma "at Artsoum art contemporain .
ARTSOUM art contemporain presents a technical and thematic retrospective of this internationally recognised artist. From the cinema of the 1950s, the abstract décollages of the mythical Marilyn Monroe, to the productions of today, this exhibition offers an appreciation of the different techniques that Mimmo Rotella has used during his career - collage, décollage, blanks, sovrapitture...

September 20th - October 20th 2003 :
Artsoum presents "Sans Papiers" byARMAN. Arman, who has not exhibited in a private gallery in Nice for 30 years, presents "Sans Papier" (Without Papers) at Artsoum art contemporain. He created, especially for Artsoum, a series of original, hitherto unseen works, which demanded detailed, meticulous work so that the special support blended with the materials used - acrylic, ink, and embossed paper. Here we find the musical instruments that have resonated with his artistic dialogue since the beginning of his career.
The artist is particularly pleased to show his work in this private, first-floor gallery, in which the intimate convivial atmosphere creates a unique harmony with the works of art.




Artsoum art contemportain expose en permanence les oeuvres d'Arman


Gala de la Croix Rouge

August 8th 2003 :
ARTSOUM offers an artwork by Arman to the Gala de la Croix Rouge in Monaco


Artsoum art contemporain, specializing in the works of Arman, offered, for Le Gala de la Croix Rouge in Monaco on August 8, 2003, the work 'Violin Spiralé' created by the artist Arman.
His Serene Highness Prince Albert chose the 'Violin Spiralé' as a prestigious prize in the tombola, which took place at the Gala.
Soumya Benjeddir, director of Artsoum art contemporain, personally offered the work to the fortunate winner.
'Violin Spiralé' is a work in polished bronze, on marble, composed of a violin, cut and welded in such a way as to create a harmonious effect of spiralled movement.

violon spirale


Exposition au Palm Beach Casino de Cannes

. For the exhibition 'L'Art et Le Jeu' the Palm Beach Casino sought out Artsoum art contemporain because of the gallery's privileged relationship with artists of renown. " Artsoum Art Contemporain has also allowed visitors to this prestigious gallery to come into contact with the works of Arman, Reyboz, and Sosno.
Works selected by Artsoum art contemporain: " Le Gladiateur ", " Discobole ", " Grain de Beauté ", " Long term parking ", créées par Arman ; " Le messager " créée par Sosno ; " Les souriants " et " Chrysalide " créées par Reyboz.
Exhibits from june 21st to september 15th 2003