ARTSOUM art contemporain


Artsoum art contemporain was created through the wish of its director Soumya Benjeddirto put her professionalism and her sensitivity at the service of artists. This wish is manifest in carefully chosen ways:

. Specialization in the works of the internationally renowned artist Arman and in collaboration with him on projects of monumental sculptures, original editions, etc. Permanent exhibition at Artsoum art contemporain of the museum pieces of ARMAN

. With Caroline CHALLAN BELVAL, the young artist whose genius has been recognized by MOMA, New York, Artsoum art contemporain organizes international exhibitions in museums, foundations, galleries….

. Offers, in collaboration with specific organizations, the works of artists of talent. Today this is the case with a collaboration with the Palm Beach Casino and Artsoum art contemporain centered on the works of Sosno, Reyboz, and Arman.

. A convivial, first-floor gallery, where Artsoum art contemporain will receive you as a privileged guest

. A belief: "Art is essential to the development of humanity".

It took time…
The first inspiration came in 1987: at the inauguration of the Musée d'Art Modern in St-Etienne, in front of the abstract painters, Mondrian, Malevitch, and Kandinsky, her long passion for avant-garde art was born. She saw in this new construction of space, and in the exaltation of form, another facet of reality, and above all the possibility of original and innovative expression. Her taste for the promotion of contemporary works of art goes back to her student days at the University of Lyon. She exhibited in public places the works of a friend while continuing her studies of art-communication and cinema, which led her to another of her passions, advertising, a domain in which she made films for companies.
Her second inspiration came in 1996 with the creation of the 'Soumya's Art Studios', in Nice, a place open to artistic disciplines (sculpture, painting….) which confirmed her desire to accompany young artists in their work.
It took conviction: the choice to show, in the same first-floor gallery, artists of an international standing, alongside young artists, is a new concept, not found anywhere else.
It took fortuitous meetings: Patrice Giuge, Arman, Francis O'Hara, Combas, Umberto Ecco, Ernest Pignon Ernest.
And there will always be other inspirations according to Soumya Benjeddir through which to launch into artistic adventure, which remains above all a human adventure.

Forthcoming Projects:

. Conception and realisation of the exhibition "Les Femmes d'Arman" (Arman's Woman) on the theme of the woman, real or mythological.

. Conception and organisation of the exhibition "Sur les pas de l'Humanité" (Tracing the steps of Humanity), a work in collaboration with intellectuals, scientists and ARMAN in order to retrace the History of Man .

. Installation d'une sculpture monumentale d'Arman, "Going Up", dans l'aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur.


Editions Artsoum

" Arman has exclusively created three works for Soumya Benjeddir in order to deepen their privileged professional relationship.

. " Grain de Beauté ", 2001, bronze interactive, created for the first time from a living model, 52 à 120 x 87 x 40 cm.

. " Soyeuse et souple ", 2002, accumulation of spools encased in polyester, 42 x 30 x 10 cm.

. " Occultée ", 2003, Interactive feminine bust in violin, 56 x 23 x 10 .